equipAKschool: Equipping the Future, a Public-Conscious Responsibility

We cannot overemphasize the importance of ensuring that children are exposed to quality and world class education; it is a huge step towards guaranteeing sustainable development.

And as the world consistently evolves with different technological innovations, it is extremely important that Nigeria is kept in the loop of the Knowledge revolution. One way is to have an inter-generational link of equipped hands.  Children who will grow to become youths, with enough time to mature in their innovative and tech skills, youths who then grow into elders and readily available to mentor the next generation—a cycle of tech transformers ready to disrupt the scheme of things with indigenous technology that can solve local problems and also be globally relevant.

In line with the above drive, Dev’s District—a design and innovation hub in Akure—is partnering with Joshua Owoyemi to launch the equipAKschool project in Akure. Dev’s District has been at the forefront of several impact focused not for profit projects aimed at equipping kids and young girls with technology skills for the future in partnership with organizations like Google, The Cape Town Science Center, Tech4Dev among others.



EquipAKschool is a project aimed at funding and equipping public secondary school computer laboratories in Akure and subsequent training students in computer programming to prepare them for future demand in technology and community-centred solutions.

“We believe there is a need to prepare our young people for the future and the only way we can do this is exposing them to the relevant and state of the art tools their counterparts in the rest of the world use. This is an investment that we think will be most beneficial to the young people, their community and the country at large”- Joshua Owoyemi, Project Lead

The team and partners are hopeful that the idea behind equipAKschool can be adopted and replicated in other Nigerian cities, and that by the results and hopefully the success of this project we can push the government to rethink education and act. “I personally believe that our present state of education is slower than the rate which the dawn of automation is closing upon us. equipAKschool is my solution”, Joshua said.

The world is moving at such a speed that the lack of coding skills will soon be as big a problem as not knowing how to read or write is today, we want to give the kids a chance to own the future, by equipping them with the right skills today, we want to build a generation of problem solvers, who will build Africa in the years to come -Emmanuel Odunlade(CEO, Dev’s District)

The curriculum for the software training will cover introduction to computer technology, introduction to programming basics and algorithms, web, games and IOTs.

For further information on how to volunteer or be a part of the project in terms of sponsorship, visit the website of the project for further details.

Opeyemi Olugbemiro

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