Yeah! You Can Listen to Your Whatsapp Voice Messages Without an Earpiece

WhatsApp has almost entirely displaced all other messaging apps off the market. It sits conveniently above the food chain.  The free messaging platform that allow users to send messages, voice notes and photos to contacts as at July 2017 had over 1 billion daily users.



In the last few years, we have seen major feature updates to allow for more interaction  and user engagement like the video and audio calls, kind of files that can be sent on the platform etc. 

However, as a WhatsApp user, you would  probably be familiar with its not-so-private audio message feature. When you get a voice note on the app, it is usually very difficult to listen to private messages without earpiece as your device is going to blast audio messages you play out of its speakers for everyone around you to hear.

Although there is no option on the App that allows you to switch between your phone speaker or for playing out, the goodnews is that you can now listen to voice notes without earpiece and no one would hear it around you. This is what you should do!

When you receive a voice message, tap on it as you normally would to get it playing. Immediately hold your phone up to your ear as soon as it starts playing. The app automatically detects that your noggin is against your device, and it will automatically switch to playing the recorded message through your device’s internal speaker — normally used for a typical phone call.

Remember you can always use your headphones, but when none is around you, you can simply go with this tip.


Deborah Soyombo

An addict problem solver and an avid writer of unique African startup stories.