The Gmail Update That You Need to Know About

Who doesn’t have a Gmail account?

I know right, we still have some loyal Yahoo mail users, the Hotmail/ community and those using mails from their various organizations.

But yeah, this is for the Gmail users!

Very few users of the Google mail know that the search engine giants just released an update for the email platform. A move industry observers describe as one of the biggest redesign by the company in a long while. The update brings in several security features like Confidential mode which allows you to add two—factor authentication and /or set expiration dates for individual mails, a new tasks integration to enable easier managing of to-do lists alongside mails and highlighting of phishing alerts with red boxes to make it harder to overlook.


The new confidential mode lets you set expiry dates for emails and prevent recipients from forwarding or copying them. GIF: Google

The substantial visual redesign also comes with email snoozing, nudging—resurfacing of mails that it recognizes require a time-sensitive action or response— and Integrated Rights Management which allows you to block forwarding, copying, downloading or printing of particular messages.

You want to try the new update?

Head to your Gmail account on the web, click the gear icon in the top right corner. If the update is available on your account, you will see an option to “Try the new Gmail” up top.

Get the new Gmail today

The visual updates also include a massive functional UI change that includes a collapsible right-hand side panel. This aims to better integrate Google’s G-Suite apps with Google Calender, Keep and the new Google Tasks. The side panel can also help you organize meetings, plan out your day and even scribble down notes without having to leave your email for another app or tab.

Lead Product Manager for Gmail, Jacob Bank says that the redesign was done with an eye on making people safer and more productive. I am using it already and I like the feel,check it out and lets hear may it does just that for you…





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