Akure Ecosystem: CrowdPainting for Charity

“Don’t look for big things, just do small things with great love…

The smaller the thing, the greater must be our love” -Mahatma Gandhi


Akure is increasingly becoming a city of amazing innovative solutions.

The best part of it is a brewing community of innovators. In this community, we know who you are, what you can do, how well you can do it and how much value you can bring to the table. Hence, there is a steady melting point of interwoven solutions.

We play. We work. And this time, we came together to give back to the society.

Crowdpainting for charity.

All hands were on deck.

Hands on Deck was a corporate social responsibility project of CSi Media – A 21st-century cutting-edge red carpet and events-media Company in Akure, Ondo State.

Painting for charity was one of a kind, kept smiles on the faces of beautiful children and a message was passed to other young people that you are not too young to start giving back to the society – If not money, then your time – Haleemah Olatunji (Project Manager, Hands On Deck)


Project Manager, Hands On Deck, Haleemah, cutting the cake with the children

CSI humans and friends of the brand mobilized to touch lives by adding colours to the face of the Ondo state children’s home and by a little stretch of fancy; the people in it. This was part of how we celebrated Nigeria’s 57th Independence Day anniversary.

“I am excited to have hosted over 300 young people to volunteer and crowd paint for charity. The first in the history of Nigeria”- Toyosi Ayeleso (Partner/Brand Strategy Manager,CSi)

A mix of colours, lights, music and gifts, and an indelible experience was born- one the kids will not forget in a hurry.

Some startups in the community and other brands contributed in making the project a success, either by being present or through the donation of gift items, in many cases, both. Some of them include Wilson’s Lemonade, Dream Centre Restaurant, MaryTakins Events, PruneEdge, JustBrandIt, PlanetNest, Fourthcanvas and a host of others.

” I continue to remain inspired and challenged by CSi’s ability to see through the broken fabrics of our society and mobilize action to fixing it. AkureTechUp would look into making the dire needed digital literacy intervention at the orphanage” – Joel Ogunsola( CEO, Prunedge & Co-convener, AkureTechUp)


Indeed, there was nothing as amazing as the amount of love, support and goodwill shown by the public towards this project- a subtle reminder that despite the harsh economic environment, some Nigerians would always put in efforts to promote a good cause. Nothing is too little; too insignificant to assist someone in need, for you just might become the rainbow in their cloud. Victor Fatanmi (Art Director, FourthCanvas) describes it as a momentous event for both the children and volunteers.


At NEST we are committed to building Technological solutions aimed at making the society a better place. The plan is to equip Africans with the necessary skills to combat the various challenges affecting the system. I commend CSi for this huge project and we will continue to deploy technology towards building the country of our dreams – Kitan David (CEO PlanetNest)

So on October 2nd, 2017, we painted. Bright colours everywhere and brightened smiles on the faces on the children.

Together, we shine brightly.








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  • Oludaisi Omokungbe

    Akure will be listed as one of the fastest growing cities in Africa by 2018. Young people are initiating, developing and driving innovative solutions to grow the economy of the city, create more jobs and bring investments.

    Like ours at African Revolution Academy (www.africanacademyng.com) driving online training and consulting for young professionals, entrepreneurs and business executives. I see other many fast growing innovative solution companies in Akure ecosystem that will push the city forward beyond imagination in 2018.

    Watch out!!!!

  • John obot

    Wonderful the tech hub expanding and akure is moving faster

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