Tech Evangelists Edition (a spinoff of the Bullshit article)

Tech Evangelists are people who build a critical mass of support for a given technology and establish it as a technical standard in a market that is subject to network effects.

They promote the use specific products or technologies through talks, articles, blog posts, user demonstrations, recorded demonstrations or the creation of sample projects.

The word evangelism is taken from the context of religious evangelism due to the similarity of relaying information about a particular set of beliefs with the intention of converting the recipient. However, some will argue it’s more of showcasing the potential of a technology to lead someone to want to adopt it for themselves.(Main Source: Wikipedia)

Now in Nigerian Tech space, Tech evangelism seems to be the new cool, it’s what virtually everyone wants to do, from the person who just started developing yesterday to the person who’s been in it for 2 years.

What seems to be causing it is the “seemingly” heavy bags (money) and respect attached to the job since people generally assume you’re an expert at what you’re evangelizing.

Also although some have really helped and improved the current system, there are some shortcomings that are really eating up the whole thing, which I’m going to yarn about.

Firstly, dear evangelists, It will not kill you to demo once in a while. People are actually spending their time and money to attend these events, they don’t just want to comman see that you know how to use PowerPoint, have catch phrases/words, use MacBooks, and then listen to you talk about how you’re the king/queen of code where you work. As excited as these things might get newbies about tech, you need to show the technicalities!! Even if not the code, show some console or dashboard. Show how you use it!

Now, it is getting a lot more frequent that sometimes, some of the evangelists do not even know more than most people in the room sometimes (not dissing, you know yourselves, and if this part gets you angry, you’re one of them). Some feel like “Sebi it’s just to talk about something, it’s easy” and that’s why they’re doing it, while some actually want to learn and help others learn.

Before you start thinking “I got away with it”, People know you don’t really know these things, they don’t just say it to your face. But good news is, it doesn’t even really matter at this point if you have extensive knowledge of what you’re talking about, at the end of the day, we’re all learning, but just know it enough to demo it, don’t just do Google search a night before and bullshit your way through the following day.

Secondly, Medium has been misused enough, you don’t need to write an article that won’t help anyone or when you don’t have sufficient knowledge of the subject matter; at the end of the day, you’ll just succeed in confusing people, misleading some or just looking dumb generally.

Imaginary Example: “I installed unity” article, talking about downloading unity and installing it normally, then share on social media like you have slain a lion. That does not help anybody.

Things I think you need to know:


– Buzzwords get people excited about the actual thing they want to do, they don’t get people to actually go through with them.

– No one cares if you use 2027 MacBook Pro+ 3

– You’re not really helping anyone if all you’re telling/showing are things you get from the first page of Google Search.

– Communities are groups to collaborate and learn together, not to show you’re the master of universal development.

– Git Commit is for when you make meaningful changes to repo, not to commit spaces so it counts as a contribution.

– Articles would be better written when you have an understanding of the subject matter and it would help someone understand how whatever works better.


– Few of the Things I think you should consider when drawing up your slides/talks plans.
– Can one find it on the first page of Google search?
– Do I really need to talk this much?

Amongst others that I think you can process from context.

Thank you for reading.

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Note: This is how I see whatever I just wrote, and it’s totally my opinion about it at last date of edit.

Tosin Omotoyinbo

(This post was originally published on his medium profile)