Collaboration : The Way Forward

Leadership Clinic with DayoNigeria is a platform that seeks to diagnose issues affecting the country and provide workable solutions by bringing together innovative minds. The Akure clinic has had three editions; 2.0 was a massive tech gathering as awesome young techpreneurs came together to discuss how we can achieve a better Nigeria through technology.

For 3.0, it was a different ball game. The techies were still around, but the focus was on: Youths Engage – Collaborating towards building a better Nigeria.

Akure Clinic 3.0
A cross section of some of the participants at the Leadership Clinic.

Tayo Fagbohun (Ex- Andelan, Managing Partner started off with sensational dosage of tips on becoming an entrepreneur. He started with “Making meaning” that is making sure whatever you’re putting out there is actually needed. Tayo emphasised the need to always take chances. “Don’t worry, be crappy a quote which means never be afraid to do something different even if it’s regarded as nonsense”, he explained. Tayo stressed that it is important to consistently improve yourself.

Tayo Fagbohun (Managing Partner,

“Find someone that compliments you in building your product i.e. always try to have a partner (in crime lol). Perfect your pitch. And most importantly, become an entrepreneur that leaves a legacy”. – Tayo Fagboun.

 Beautiful Mrs Blessing Timidi (A girl child and female gender advocate) talked about Nation building, awareness and advocacy. She tasked participants to be more open in dealing with issues and also know their rights as individuals. She explains that the growth of a country can be quickly ensured by a Citizenry that understands its rights.

Blessing Timidi
Blessing Timidi

Bolaji fawole of FourthCanvas spoke on accepting challenges and upgrading one’s standards. “Be hungry for knowledge”, he said. Upgrade yourself. Boldly accept challenges regardless of how hard they may seem, because no one has ever really made it life by running away from challenges. Have content (and value).

Bolaji Fawole (Co- Founder ,FourthCanvas)


“Always execute aggressively” – Bolaji Fawole

Miss Ojoogun Fasilat led a discussion on Youth civic engagement and collaborating to build a better Nigeria by volunteering. She shared an interesting statistic that “Nearly 35% of the positive change the world has experienced is through youth civic engagement”.

“…if more people decided to volunteer to make a difference in their communities, the world would be a better place.” – Fasilat.

Ojoogun Fasilat
Ojoogun Fasilat, Fashionprenuer 

Fasilat emphasised the importance of having the right intentions when volunteering, as that’s the only way you will be focused on impact and development. “You don’t need to have an NGO to be a volunteer, start as being an individual who’s passionate about human development”, she added.

Break out sessions @ the Akure Clinic 3.0

 As part of the event, Taslim okunola briefly talked about cultural intelligence while  Mark Afolabi spoke on Youth participation. He went further by explaining what he regarded as “The triangle of youth participation” which includes Challenge, capacity and Connection.

Mark Afolabi ( CEO, Whitespaces)

Feyisara Oguranti (A Mandela Washington Fellow) took us into another level with his amazing sense of humor saying “Always try to work with people so that if you fail, you don’t fail alone“. That is, never start a one man business. Acknowledge your weaknesses and find the right person(s) to compliment them.

Feyisara Ogunranti , Mandela Washington Fellow


DayoNigeria concluded the Ignite sessions by calling on participants to always emphasize the need to make a difference.



The event concluded with breakout sessions where participants discussed solutions to various issues affecting the country. On the long run, the emphasis is that whether its tech, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, career and even relationships; it’s important for us to collaborate.

Together we shine bright.




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