Did you really feel the phone ring?

Do you know that there is a term to explain that feeling you have that your phone is ringing or you have a text message; when in the actual sense there are no notifications?

A feeling most of us know so well. Yes, it is called Phantom Vibration Syndrome. According to a research, 90% of people suffer the syndromethe perception that your mobile phone is vibrating or ringing when it is not. This is usually caused by the fact that many of us are so worried about missing a call or text that we have become extra aware of the sensations that a call is incoming. Sometimes, the slightest muscle twitch or feeling of the cloth moving is wrongly interpreted as phone vibration.

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This explains how much attachment we have grown to have for our mobile devices. It has become as important as fashion accessories. Come to think of it, if you’ve got a fashion piece and each time you’re going out, you can’t just do without putting it onwhich means it’s part of you and sometimes we even forget it’s on us (this happen a lot to me with my glasses). The phone is just like that! Because we use the phone  so often, we sometimes get so obsessed with it, which has led to our brain being trained to perceive any phone’s vibration as an incoming call or text.

The syndrome has a hack…

Well, to get free from this, some behaviours need to be broken. Turn off the vibrations settings of your phone. The ‘Vibrate on Ring’ should be turned off so the phone will only emit a ring when a call is received and won’t vibrate. Also the ‘Vibrate on Silent’ should be set to ‘off’ so when your phone is set to mute there will be no vibration.

Lastly, you may need to reduce the time spent using the phone.

But sometimes, maybe even most times, the feeling doesn’t hurt, does it?

Deborah Soyombo

An addict problem solver and an avid writer of unique African startup stories.