EquipAKschool Donates Computers to CAC Grammar School,Akure

Dev’s District—a Design and Innovation Lab in Akure—has partnered with Joshua Owoyemi to donate a set of computers and train students of the CAC Grammar School Akure in basic software development to launch the equipAKschool project in Akure.

The Akure-based school is the first beneficiary of the EquipAKschool Project. The project that aims to fund and equip public secondary school computer laboratories in the city and train the students in computer programming to prepare them for future demand in technology and community-centred solutions. The goal is to provide students in rural and low-income communities with access to computers and teach them to code. This rightly positions them with an opportunity to acquire skills to explore opportunities in the digital space.

Director of Programmes, CodeHope Initiative at Devs District, Luqman Bello, who introduced the goals of the project on behalf of Mr. Joshua Owoyemi (Project Lead, EquipAkschools),emphasised that the training and access to computers rightly position them to acquire skills that will be needed to explore relevant opportunities in a digital economy. The curriculum for the software training will cover introduction to computer technology, introduction to programming basics and algorithms, web, games and IOTs. In Joshua’words “For me, the equipAKschool project launch was not just another charity launch but the birth of a revolution. A revolution that will change the educational landscape, first for Akure and generally the rest of Africa. We are jump-starting a process that will ensure that our students can be strong competitively with their counterparts in the rest of the world and in turn push the educational stakeholders in our government to rethink our present educational system and find conventional ways to impart knowledge. We hope that as we have started this project in the city of Akure, other cities can emulate this model and create similar projects to ensure that no student is left behind”.

Director of Programmes, CodeHope Initiative at Devs District, Luqman Bello

In the same vein, the Director of Exponential Technology Programs, Curators University, Dunsin Fatuase, took the kids on a mental journey of the endless possibilities of learning how to code in this digital age. “It is a leveller that democratises access to a lot of social innovations and solutions”, he explained. Mr Emmanuel Falade of Teens Hub Africa also encouraged the students to take advantage of the opportunity in the training to acquire the same knowledge which their counterparts in other parts of the world are already exposed to.

Director of Exponential Technology Programs, Curators University, Dunsin Fatuase


Mr. Emmanuel Falade of Teens Hub Africa
Mr. Emmanuel Falade of Teens Hub Africa

The Father of the day,  Dr. J.M. Owoyemi (A Senior Lecturer at the Department of Forestry, Federal University of Technology, Akure) donated the computers on behalf of EquipAKschool to the School.

Dr. J M Owoyemi presenting the Gifts

The Principal of CAC Grammar School thanked the EquipAschool team for the gesture and prayed for more wisdom to execute more projects.




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