An Evolving World of Online Advertisement

Are you aware that every business person aims at making a profit? Of course, the profit made from sales depends on the quantity of product sold. Making sales is one thing and how people get to know about the commodity is another thing- this is where online advertisement can come in.

Creating awareness has a strong impact on every area of business and it’s inevitable if one aims at moving forward. One can simply say awareness in business is ADVERTISEMENT. It is a commercial solicitation designed to sell some commodity, service or similar products. It can be regarded as the driver behind every sale; “it is the soul of a successful business”.


Has Technology changed the way we advertise?

Yes, it has. It attracts a lot of willing buyers even though it is a virtual community. Technology has bridged the gap between advertisement and selling, as sometimes you can advertise and sell on the same platform.

This has led to the management of marketing processes, customer analysis and every other aspect of the marketing sector. Creating awareness of products through online adverts is invaluable to making sales on the same medium and even offline.

The emergence of online advertisement has also affected online shopping. This is a form of electronic transaction that gives consumers a chance to buy directly from a seller over the internet.

The buying process can be in this order: someone sees an advert on a page, places an order for a product and gets the request delivered at their doorstep after completing the necessary method of payment such as the debit or credit card and cash-on-delivery. This is quite convenient, right?


While traditional advertisement such as radio, television, newspapers etc are still important mediums, it is arguable that online advertisement and maybe digital marketing has greatly improved the way that brands can meet their target customers.

Is there more to expect from the trend in online advertisement and shopping? What next?


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    Keep it up,you have been there already…I love it…

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    Waooo! this is perspective thinking…thanks…

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    nice one sis….keep it up and get good luck

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    Awesome write up….👍

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    Nice write up… Thought provoking, changing the face of awareness through modern online advertisement… You said it all..

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    Good write up, its inspiring. Looking forward to more of this.

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    I used to psychoanalyse myself if I could really fit into the tech world…but this new trend, online advertisement, has really taken my business to the next level….
    Keep it up lads and gents…
    Rid the world of technological ignorance….

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