Online Transactions: The New Trend?

About a decade ago, very few Nigerians used the ATM (Automated Teller Machine). Then, it was for the elites and seemingly exposed individuals. Apparently, people were trying to wrap their minds around the idea of possessing ATM cards, which had access to their money or life savings as the case may be. I really do not blame them, do you? It is difficult enough to trust people, not to talk of trusting a 1millimetre thick card with four digit codes as the secret number. The fear was and still is (for some people) the thought of a missing card.

With time, many people joined the wagon and got ATM cards for their bank accounts. Generally, a lot has changed since then as regards technological advancements on buying and selling.

Now, online transaction is the in-thing. Even the train of queuing for hours to withdraw cash at the ATM stand has passed. The number of online transactions per minute is almost unbelievable. In essence, you do not need to hold cash to spend money. This advent has been observed to be time saving, efficient and effective.

Furthermore, without doubt online transactions have influenced our world. With this in mind, I got talking with some people on the subject; to share stories on how the advent of online transaction has influenced their lives.

Here are the responses:

  • It has made shopping so easy. Anytime I go by the store and see nice stuff that I did not write in my list, I will just go ahead and buy as I have my ATM card in my purse.


  • For me, it goes both ways; good and bad. Good in the sense that I do not need to carry cash about and bad in that I tend to spend more than necessary because I do not get to see the money leaving my hands.


  • Oh my! I love the innovation! I save so much time via online transactions. All I need do to book a hotel or get a cab is by punching some buttons on my laptop and voila! Within minutes, I am off to the hotel in the cab.


  • I do not know what I will do without it. It is rocking my world.


  • Have you seen the long queue at the ATM stands? I do not have time for such and online transaction has been awesome.


  • I remember a day that I was passing by a store and wanted to get a particular dress so badly. The money in my account was not enough to purchase it so; I recharged my phone online and called my sister to send some money into my account. Oh yeah, I got the dress right away!


  • I do not trust online transactions. What if my card gets stolen or someone in the bank has access to my pin or my account gets debited without crediting the account of the company I’m transacting with? I cannot vouch for that.


  • I get to travel light. After my family and job, I think online transaction is the next best thing in my life.


  • It has made me save and invest more. Once I get some money, I transfer some instantly into my savings account and the likes.


  • You remember all those years of queuing at the bank to send or withdraw money, the tellers, etc. Anyway, I am glad I am witnessing this technological breakthrough. It is so energy and time saving.


  • It is a wonderful and interesting innovation. It makes it very easy for me to execute my plans; I mean I pay bills readily in minutes at one sitting.

There are so many views on this topic. Some people have been defrauded and the likes, one can as well say it is a bittersweet experience.

In conclusion, the downsides cannot hold a candle to the benefits that online transaction have to offer. Online transaction is here to make our lives better.

Please do well to share your views in the comment section.
Thank you.