SeedDev Partners Ondo First Lady to Train 400 girls on ICT Skills

SeedDev has partnered with the Ondo State First Lady, Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu to train over 400 girls in the second edition of the BEMORE Summer bootcamp 4 girls Naija in Ondo State, Nigeria.

The 2-week bootcamp held at the Elizade University and the Public Service Training Institute (PSTI), Ilara Mokin exposed the girls to basic software development and digital literacy, entrepreneurial activities such as baking and pastries, production of liquid soaps, make-up and other life changing skills needed to enable them contribute towards societal development. The participants aged 10-15 were drawn from some public schools across the state.

Following a successful first edition that had about 100 girls trained in basic ICT skills to rightly position them to participate in the digital revolution, the 2O18 edition was bigger and better.

This is in line with SeedDev’s effort to train over 1 million underserved African kids in STEM related skills by 2020. The girls were taken through the rudiments of introduction to basic computer skills, software development using scratch and several opportunities associated with Information Communication Technology in the 21ST century.

Programmes Manager, Middle East and Africa at SeedDev, Watti Boaz explained that the curriculum deployed helped the children familiarize with the basics of working with the computer, identifying its various parts and components, their functions and operations and how they work together, effective use of office productivity tools, elementary introduction to computer programming and game design and creative publishing (Graphics Design). “Over the 2 weeks, with a team of 24 curators,  we helped them to build a good foundation in tech and made them understand that although it is not compulsory to pursue a career in tech, digital skills is largely required in almost all industries, profession or career path for the future”, he explained.


Cross Section of the BeMORE Girls during the ICT exhibition
Ondo State First Lady and a cross section of the BeMore Girls during the ICT exhibition


At SeedDEV we remain committed to building a skilled Africa through advocacy for kids, teenagers and young adults in emerging communities in Africa and it is always a delight to work on projects such as the BEMORE boot camp. We are looking forward to the 2019 edition.

– Watti Boaz (Programmes Manager, Middle East and Africa, SeedDev)


A cross section of participants at the BootCamp

While speaking at the Grand Finale of the event over the weekend, Mrs. Ayanwu-Akeredolu expressed excitement in being a part of an effort channeled towards building the next generation of female technology leaders.  She emphasized that she would leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the girl-child is not left out of the success-story of the “Better Naija”.

 “Ladies and gentlemen, all my fears are no more; all my doubts are no more, for today as I behold the future leaders of our dear nation, I am more than convinced that we will overcome all hurdles to become one of the greatest countries in the world soon enough… They are all set to defy and leapfrog all obstacles in ensuring the Nigerian flag stands tall in G20 summits. And yes! It will be achieved” – Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu

Appreciating the first lady, Oluwagbamila Ebunmi Temitope, a participant described the boot camp as educative and fun. In her words, she acknowledged that the BEMORE boot camp was educative, fun and an opportunity for to learn visual programming. “I will definitely not end here. I see a future ahead of me to develop games and mobile apps”, she added.

For Miyenti Atili, who was literally forced by her dad to participate in the program, it ended up being more of an exciting run, explains in her own words I never knew it would be like this. My dad forced me. I came a novice but leaving as a pre-professional…I have moved from 0% to 50% knowledge. I can now operate the computer and design games of choice. This is not the end for me. I want to be an ICT professional; I can’t afford to lag behind”.

The participants also exhibited their products to their parents and other attendees. Those trained in solar and ICT also displayed the new skills and knowledge gained over the two weeks at the bootcamp.

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