TECHUP Pitch : We Do Football Too

The Akure system is not just about building an ecosystem of awesome and innovative solutions but to create a platform of innovators with a harmonious relationship.

Hence, its not everytime we code! Or even design! Or Digital marketing fah! It is growing into a big family with expert hands in different niches.

I feel you work better with someone you know well outside work. So the the community encourages outings ( Parties inclusive), inter -start up visitations , hangouts ( Yes we do this too) and the one we did recently, football Matches.

                                                                             Pre-Match Modalities

The Alignment Masters, FourthCanvas locked horns with the software gods Nesters ( 4C vs Planet Nest) and it was an awesome time of football and bonding.

“Great game .Lot of things learnt that would be useful in business that we don’t know yet. Besides, such kind of activities strengthen the bond in a growing ecosystem.” – Aboluwarin Kitan-David ( CEO , PlanetNEST)


Team FourthCanvas
           Team FourthCanvas
Team PlanetNest
                 Team PlanetNest

4C went on quick double barrel shots with 4 goals in the first half of the game through Opeyemi( Their star striker) ,Sigma(Adetunji) firmly in the defence and Victor Fatanmi marshalling the midfield. John was a rock in FourthCanvas goal post and the designers have him to thank for the wonderful score line at the end (You will know why soon). Victor and Aluko Brown added screamers in the second half to make it 6-2. 

“It was a great time to leave the work table, get on the pitch and slug it out with the Nest team. The bonding, within each team and across both was really huge. We should do this again. More startups should join in. Maybe some league of  a sort.”

– Victor Fatanmi ( CEO , FourthCanvas)

Our CEOs play football too (KitanDavid and Victor Fatanmi)

However, the second half was a nest show. They came in strong ,Ifedayo relocated to the defence,CEO kitan came into the pack,SeedDev’s Watti managed the post as they slowly came back into the game. 3,4,5 and in the final minutes of the game the 6th goal came in. Four outside box 18 shots from the Full Stack developer,Tumishe ( He really showed the full stack in him fah).

At the end , we had fun. In our quest to make Akure the door-step of the most innovative tech solutions in Akure by 2025, the plan is to make it an interwoven ecosystem. Together we shine bright.


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