The Geeky Way: Living Among Techies


What comes to your mind when you see a techie? Geeks or “annoying computer people”? For some, they are just set of people engrossed, preoccupied and practically live on their computers or laptops.

They know what they do and spend time looking for the answer when they don’t understand a thing.

Living or being around techies can be frustratingly awesome and as a person who is opportune to know a few of them, I can say they have a different world of their own. Usually, they act differently during work and after work and you have to be close enough to see the latter.

Often times, what most people see is the “Work time” geek which sometimes make them very difficult to relate with, especially if you are not a geek too.

Techies are mostly reserved and act weird during work (Do you agree?)-sometimes too engrossed in their ‘binary world’ that they seem oblivious to the ‘real world’.

Techies on fleek

During work times, I see them on a stand-still looking dazed and gloomy or pacing the area with this serious looks and you are wondering “what in heavens is wrong with them”… actually, they are either gathering their thoughts, trying to find a solution to specific computer problems or just trying to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

And yes! People see them as snobs too because they are reserved and most of them crack lame jokes on a regular.

I think it’s this reserved and weird act that makes them different from other people not in their career league. Imagine talking to a geek buddy about how handsome/pretty a person is and he’s there lost in his thought of understanding why a text is not properly aligned or how to solve a Fibonacci series and you have no idea what those words mean.

Again, I have seen techies who are very intelligent and knowledgeable beyond technical matters, they know stuff too. They are so inquisitive and tend to know something about virtually everything. They are up-to-date on current affairs and could get so involved in intense discussions from politics, to sports, education, religion… some even go as far as correcting you in pronunciations.

More so, while few of them techies seem to be socially dead, most of them are socially alive! Surprising right? Yeah, I know. I was wowed too but seriously they are fun lovers. They live like ‘normal people’ too like go see a movie, go on a date etc. Other than bending over the computer, these guys have other stuff they do as hobbies; they love to play games- be it board games or video games- they are hardcore gamers of all ramifications. They are music lovers too- Like get in the party mood and light up the whole place. I have also seen great dancers, awesome singers, instrumentalists and even great poets that you can’t help but marvel at their mastery of the art.

As one who lives and interacts with this group of persons, I have come to realize that they actually live normal lives because tech is what they do, not who they are. Though, some of them can be awfully weird.