The Rise of Robots- The Bright Side

From self-driving cars to Siri, the iOS assistant, Artificial Intelligence, robots etc.; technology at large has in many ways influenced the way we view our world.

Jaw dropping innovations are being developed daily, what was impossible a decade ago is now as common as a glass of water and science fiction is fast becoming reality – the possibilities are endless in the universe of artificial intelligence.

You may be thinking, “Well, I’m not tech-inclined, why should I care?” – You’ll get your answer in a moment.

While these massive leaps are fast improving the quality of human life and living, there is always a recurring fear – the seemingly dark side of changes of this form, what happens to the people whose jobs and by extension lives would be adversely affected?


What happens to the taxi drivers when self-driving cars come around? Who will feed the children of the tax accountant when computers can do these things in the twinkle of an eye?

Statistics have shown that in the next two decades, over 47% of jobs would have been replaced by machines.

Sucks huh? – I think so too.

In view of the above, this may sound harsh or even outright insensitive, but I am of the opinion that advances in technology as regards human living does more good than harm.

Hunger is being relieved, diseases are being cured and the quality of life gradually is being improved, most of which can be linked to advances in technology.

So despite all its dark patches, the silver linings on the cloud that is tech are to me much brighter.

Perhaps now you have the fear that your job might be usurped by a mean-looking robot.

I’ll leave you with a piece of advice.

Computers may be smart, but they are as dumb as rocks without a man to program them.

My advice? Be that man.


Oluwakayode Oladipo

(Tech Enthusiast)