These Gadgets/Apps Might Just Spice up Your Valentine Date

Tomorrow is Valentine and for some love birds, it’s an important day to mark.

While we agree that for a good number of people it may just be another day at work, we still have a community of people who celebrate Valentine as an important day to show love, share gifts and even go on date with loved ones.

As lovely as this day is, it may be ruined if you are not prepared for unforeseen circumstances; thankfully, technology can help to save the day. Here are some gadgets and Apps that could help spice up the “big love day”.

Person Tying Knot on Brown Paper Bag With Love Tag

Power Bank

You might just need to have this on you as you would not like a situation where bae/boo  tries to reach you and your phone is out of power. This can be more than heartbreaking and could obviously ruin a date.


Bluetooth speaker

This comes in handy most times. You might like to have this gadget in case you would love to throw a little party to celebrate. Music played via speaker sounds much better than when it’s played via your phone.

e-payment App

Any e-payment app can save the day and also save you from embarrassment when you are not close to any ATM or that the machine is not dispensing. You can do transactions via the app or even use the USSD methods.


Photo Editor

This is another app that you might just need to install on your phone if you are a social media geek. You love your pictures looking great right? A photo editor can help spice up pictures taken with your loved one on that day and you can be sure it would be a perfect fit to post.


Flyer Maker

This app would help you make a lovely flyer for the love of your life. You can easily express how you feel with a lovely flyer/design.


E-commerce App

This comes to play if you’d love to surprise your loved one on this day. You can simply order any item from the site or app and it would be delivered to his/her location.


Cab Hailing App

This might be important if you have a cab hailing company in your city. This app can be of great help for those that’d like to go for a late date. It will help you commute easily to your preferred location.

Do you know of any other gadgets or apps that is a must have for this Valentine day? Feel free to share with me in the comment.

Deborah Soyombo

An addict problem solver and an avid writer of unique African startup stories.