What is your Phone Story?

Have you ever imagined the world without mobile phones? Maybe yes, the pre – Y2K times in Nigeria when phones were the exclusive rights of the elites.

The mobile phone has become part of our daily lives such that a lot of our activities now revolve around it. It keeps you connected with families and friends via social media, text messages, video calls etc. It gets you informed, can be a life- saver and improves convenience.

Some of us have gotten so hooked to our phone screens in ways we can’t explain.  So the question is How Attached Are You to Your Phone?

Speaking with some people, I got some funny but real answers.

  • Someone said ‘the relationship between I and my phone is like that of an employer and employee though we are quite close…but if  I should feel my pocket and don’t  find my phone, I get the same feeling I get when I don’t find money in my pockets.’ When asked the first thing he reaches out for when he wakes, he smiled and said ‘my phone and that’s because it practically wakes me. It connects me with my clients.’


  • ‘My phone is my best companion, I can’t stay without it.’ A lady said to me. ‘Even when the battery is flat, I will still carry it’. When asked why she carries the phone knowing its dead, she replied amidst laughter ‘maybe miracle will happen and it will come alive… I mean it keeps me in touch with my friends that are far away’.


  • I asked my roommate on which application was the most used on her phone and she replied ‘Whatsapp….’ For her, the attachment to her phone is like 80% because like others I got to hear from, her phone is the first thing she reaches out for when she wakes up. ‘I use it to check time’ she said.


  • A friend of mine said ‘I am really attached to my phone o… any day I don’t feel my phone in my pocket, I just feel empty at that moment. In fact my hearts skips many beats, and starts again at random’. When asked  the first thing he reaches out for when he awakes, he laughed and said ‘every human being reaches out for their phones first, so my phone because it wakes me up and I usually make use of the flash light.’


  • “Mobile phones are one the best things that has ever happened to mankind. It makes life easier, you get to transact business, make payments, communicate with people and make new friends. All from the comfort of your house/office. I can stay a week without seeing my friends so long my phone is with me’, a respondent answered.


  • ‘My phone gives me the best shot ever. With my phone, I can always listen to my favorite song, have access to the dictionary and bible anywhere anytime. It lightens my mood each time I am down, so I don’t stay away from my phone. And I fear having miss calls’.

Since the emergence of mobile phones, life has been so good that few people want to imagine the world without phones. However, being so attached to our phones although advantageous can have adverse effect on us: socially, medically, morally, emotionally etc.  How?

  • Being so attached with your mobile phone keeps you isolated.  Yes, that phone that connects you with people can also encourage a drift away from friends. You tend to always be alone away from the real world and locked in the world of just you and your phone with your ‘invisible’ friends.


  • Phones are life savers and at the same time life takers too. There are lots of accidents caused by people driving and making a calls or people using their phones while crossing the road and get hit by a vehicle (either because they didn’t hear the horn or weren’t looking) etc.


  • It can be a source of distraction. They can take your mind away from your work, loved ones and can even cause a rift between friends.

Our phones are wonderful companions, but we should not forget what it looks like to watch the sun set at dusk or how melodious the chirping of birds at dawn means. Even kids don’t play with bricks again, they now prefer ‘temple run’.

What relationship do you have with your phone?






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