BimmyBrown: Fashion, Style and Entrepreneurship


There has been a long war in brand perception of who a tailor, a stylist or a fashion designer is; and when you make the mistake of calling a stylist or fashion designer a tailor, you notice the obvious look of disapproval on their faces.

Fashion has had a large share of the consumer industry for a long time alongside food, housing, transportation and communication (no specific order). The biggest players in this industry now are people who took the traditional way of doing these businesses and did the disrupt.

A team of fashion designers led by a fabric hacker Jimoh Rukayat has started out to disrupt the fashion market. She started out five years ago as an apprentice to a regular tailor in south western Nigeria and moved on to learn from top stylists and fashion designers in the industry

The fast growing fashion outfit is called BimmyBrown Fashion Line.

In her home based factory, you can literally feel the love in the air from everyone towards fabrics, needles and clothing materials.

Handling clients cloth carefully and delivering it in the right package is a great plus for us over 13 months of our existense“- Rukayat.

 BimmyBrown advises her clients on the kind of outfit that befits their class of work and influence; gets the right fabric, suggests the right design and makes the desired style. They make all this happen from the comfort of your home as they will call, come visiting (Depending on location) and send you pictures of progress regularly.

For once we have that fashion outfit that would sew you a cloth at affordable budget and deliver before deadline which as been a great problem with Nigerian fashion designers.

From the website (under construction), you can book a stylist from BimmyBrown .They show up at your location with offerings of the chosen fashion service at the lowest prices. This currently happens  via Whatsapp +2348168526828 and the turnout and customer satisfaction level has been amazing.

As part of her startup story, BimmyBrown  gives back to the society and empowers youths with desired fashion skills. The startup organises fashion design bootcamps and training sessions. The hands-on training style is just top notch.

BimmyBrown currently serves clients in Lagos and Akure; as those are the places they have their design centers but are expanding rapidly to other cities with the launch of their website and other forms of web channels.

It almost seems like there’s nothing that cannot be disrupted…


Olaoluwa Aboluwarin

Senior Product Architect. Giving "living a lot" a shot.