Have you got a Fake Phone?

Manufacturers of phones imitate all facets of a branded phone’s appearance to make their products appear genuine. The phone’s outer shell, screen size, printed logos and branding, the packaging and included accessories are also copied. This makes it difficult for the customer to differentiate between original and fake phones.

Also, counterfeiters’ don’t have to invest in product research, design and safety testing. They don’t pay government taxes, import fees and are not bound by fair trade or minimum wage regulations for their employees.



However, there are pitfalls you should avoid that will help you check buying fake phones or gadgets:

1.  They are usually offered as an after-market product. Mostly found on auction websites or in unregistered stores at a significantly lower price than genuine products.


2.  It is important you do proper product research before buying a new phone. This helps to intimate you with what should be expected and help you identify features that may have been dubiously included or removed. On first glance a counterfeit phone may appear identical to a genuine model, but on closer comparison you may be able to identify some obvious differences between a genuine and a fake such as the colour , location of buttons , size or spelling of the brand name. Counterfeit phones also often appear to offer features that are either just not there or that are not as they are said to be.

3.  You should only buy a phone made by a trusted manufacturer. Make sure warranty is offered with the product because fake phones rarely come with warranty
4. It is also better to keep the receipt for any mobile phone or accessory you purchase so that you can make a warranty claim if the product is faulty.
5.  Counterfeit mobile phone batteries and chargers are made from cheap substandard components allowing them to be produced at a fraction of the price of genuine products.


6.  If you have unknowingly purchased a fake phone you will realize very quickly once you turn it on. Processing speeds are often much slower, operating systems have missing features and the phone may not be compatible with affiliated software and applications.
What to Do If You Bought A Fake Phone.


While you can’t always be sure that you will get your full refund or another phone, you can try to:

1. Return it to where you bought it for a full refund.

2. If you have bought the product online then you should attempt to contact the seller to arrange a refund and then report the counterfeit sale.


Content Credit : Ebenezer Ojo (TAB Digitials)

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