TAB Digitals : The Company that loves Gadgets

TABDigitals was started to solve gadgets problems.

The Start-up is known for disrupting the gadget sales and repair market as it is cheaper to have them come pick up your gadget, fix it and then return it back to you rather than  going to an engineer to fix it yourself.

Technically, they are a phone call, text message (+2347053131000) or just their website contact away.

Aside the energy and business model that is in place in the fast growing company, there is a customer oriented love for gadgets that is communicated by every member of staff .Right from the pick-up guy to the accountant in the office.

Founder of the company, Omotayo Bolu says his start up experience is inspired by  growing up in Lagos and finding his way around the hands of ferocious computer village repair guys who rob you off your money based on your ignorance. For this reason, TABS was born.

TABDigitals gives you the full details of the state of your gadget(s) and what it takes to fix it. It is a beautiful mix of comfort and being affordable. Little wonder, their sales have been growing in geometric progression.

So I asked “why gadget experience if you just fix damaged gadgets?” a wide smile on the faces on the workers opened up the answer “We don’t only fix damage gadgets but also advice on the device to purchase based on your budget and we help companies purchase gadgets as we promise the lowest price in the market based on existing relationships we have with OEMs in the country.”

Bolu has been able to just simply monetize his passion, it is obvious and the company is growing organically on some structured budget as he claimed to have been bootstrapping since the first day.

His Co-founder, Ebenezer Ojo handles majority of the gadget repairs. He is the team lead for all forms of technical repairs and has a knack for consistently improving on the quality of solutions he can offer. Well trained engineers, great customer relationship and maximum comfort are the strength of this fast growing company.


TABDigitals is working towards becoming that company that you cast your worries on when it comes to anything that concerns gadgets.

The market is quite large for them, but they are ready to take the bull by the horn as this is just a passion that has grown into a company.

Let TAB Digitals buy it for you

Let TAB Digitals fix it for you

Let TAB Digitals advice you on what you need

Those three statements are regular on the lips of everyone that works in the company.

Awesome experience…


Olaoluwa Aboluwarin

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