DevCRIB- Building a Skilled Africa

There is an increased demand for competent software engineers in the Nigerian tech-ecosystem and Africa at large; we saw the need and believe we can meet it”

Banjo Mofesola Paul

(Co-founder & CTO NEST-innovation hub, Akure)

DevCrib is a division of NEST- a social enterprise where young talented people are trained on skills in computer information technology with a core focus on Software Engineering- that is focused on building world-class professionals.

It is a paid internship programme where developers are housed and trained for a period of one year, during which they will work on real jobs and experience cutting-edge enterprise culture.  And yeah, CRIB is an abbreviation for crafting reality in bits.

“… Devcrib was created to train talented minds who have passion in software development and equip them with the required skills to collaborate on a global scale with world class Engineers.” – Kitan David (CEO & co- founder NEST)

Devcrib started as a ‘pilot test’ in 2015 but was officially launched in March 2017. 

In the past 8 months, we have trained about 10 full stack developers, a good number of front and back-end developers and one artificial intelligence engineer. In the nearest future, DevCRIB will be the go-to place for world-class developers.

– Banjo Mofesola Paul


Our purpose in Devcrib and at NEST generally is to impact Africa and build skilled Africans #softwareEngineers”-kitanDavid.

With 10 in-house female developers in the team, Paul hopes that they would grow up to become some of the best in the industry and encourage other young ladies to build a tech career, hence, bridging the gender gap.

DEVCRIB_ #SuperiorEngineers

In a chat with some of the in-house developers, Victor Afolabi, an artificial intelligence engineer and full stack developer explained that the experience has been fabulous meeting and staying around intelligent people.

“DevCRIB is an environment that promotes excellence and gives you a feel of the industry experience” – Victor

“We are trained to become not just Engineers but #superiorengineers,” Tunmise added.


The corrections one gets here are harsh but it builds you, I mean nothing good comes easy. I have been taught many lessons here but believe me it’s refreshing and inspiring” said Bolarinwa- one of the young ladies in training.

As a community, we are bringing competent developers to the African tech ecosystem while turning the engineers  to superior engineers who solve world problems with emphasis on satisfying our clients too”-  Banjo Mofesola Paul 

The good thing about Devcrib is that you stand to be skilled, employable and then get employed.

The world is evolving fast and technology is taking over every sphere of life; skills in software Engineering will place you at the forefront” -kitanDavid

For Tomide Oladipo, a full stack developer who describes himself as a Javascript Ninja and a PHP creator, DevCRIB was tough but in a good way, as it helped him to quickly evolve like the process of refining a diamond.

“I worked on real enterprise jobs. Training and attending events, and other processes that make you a world-class developer” – Tomiiide


Africa currently has a global focus across the board for skill and talent. DevCRIB creates a learning ground for these awesome African talents to become leaders in the global technology sphere as they contribute their respective quota in answering the call for world-class engineers by global companies working daily to solve human problems.


Opeyemi Olugbemiro

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