Maurice Communication Marketing, EtuDesk and WeFlyAgri win the Ivory Coast Demo Africa 2018

Maurice Communication Marketing, EtuDesk and WeFlyAgri have won the Ivory Coast Demo Africa 2018 competition. 

The three startups emerged winners out of twelve other competing startups from the country that pitched at  the event. Maurice Communication Marketing designed a wearable data device that allows people to carry their personal and medical data around with them; EtuDesk is an e-learning web application while WeFlyAgri is an agri-tech solution that allow farmers  monitor their land via a drone-based platform.

The three startups will now go on to pitch against the other West African winners (from Ghana and Nigeria) for the chance to represent the region at the main event in Morocco between October 18th – 19th 2018.

Over the last six years, DEMO Africa innovation tour—a launch pad for African technology and trends that attracts a global audience of over 2,000 people to experience the finest African innovations as they venture into the markets—has taken place in Nairobi, Lagos and Johannesburg and this year, it added a North African destination.

Demo Africa 2018 has already named winners in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Morocco, Nigeria and Ghana.

At the final level, participating startups will be provided with resources worth over US$150,000, including US$120,000 in software tools from Microsoft and US$15,000 from AWS and the emerging winner will secure an investment fund.

Wishing these startups all the best at the final stage.



Deborah Soyombo

An addict problem solver and an avid writer of unique African startup stories.