Now You Can Send Voice Notes on Instagram

Hey guys, voice notes are coming to Instagram and the time is now.

The Facebook owned company is rolling out voice messaging globally on Instagram Direct today. Users would be able to record a short voice message that appears as an audio wave when they hold down the microphone button. Recipients can listen at their leisure.

As an off-camera asynchronous feature that comes as an alternative to the video calling released in June, the voice messages are up to one-minute long and stays permanently. It works in one-on-one and group chats on iOS and Android.

This new feature could make Instagram more appealing for drivers or people on the move with their hands full, as it is a convenient way to continue the conversation. It is also an interesting addition for users in the developing world who want better and more intimate connections without having to pay for the date for long audio or video calls.

It will join the market as a competition for fellow company products Messenger and WhatsApp; and Viber, Zello, Telegram etc in terms of use.

Voice notes have become an interesting part of our conversations and its show to make sliding into Instagram DMs more interesting. What do you think?


Feature Image: TheNextWeb


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