Reading Free Articles with Google Chrome Just Got Better

Google Chrome users, how do you download or save articles for offline reading? For a lot of users, it is either through downloading via third-party apps, saving the page or the big normal one, doing a screenshot.

However, things are set to get relatively easier as the chrome browser on android will now automatically download relevant news articles when connected to a free or unmetered Wi-Fi connection which should help cache articles for offline reading. The relevant articles are chosen based on users past browsing history and most popular articles in user’s location.

The new feature is aimed at emerging markets that often have to purchase data through prepaid SIM cards or other limited data plans and solves the problem of constant interruptions that can affect the viewing of news articles. Nigeria, India, Indonesia and 97 other countries are among beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, since the cache articles are personalised for you by Google, they may not always be exactly what you want to read. But it is helpful for users who want to have a bit of content for viewing offline while on transit or waiting in an area with limited connectivity.

Product Manager, Offline Chrome for Android, Amanda Boss says the eventual goal for the application is to make the web work for everyone, everywhere.

However, it is worthy of note that this downloading feature for offline reading is limited to articles alone.

To enjoy this feature, download or update to the latest version of Chrome on Play Store.


Deborah Soyombo

An addict problem solver and an avid writer of unique African startup stories.