Systemspecs Expands Remita Payroll to Ghana

SystemSpecs, a Lagos-based Fintech company is expanding one of its products—Remita payroll processing solution—to Ghana.

The expansion which is a partnership between the company and Access Bank, Ghana will explore the company’s offering, a payroll system designed to make salary processing a seamless effort for businesses, non-governmental organizations and the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Launched in Nigeria in 2005,  it is the default payment gateway that facilitates the Federal Government’s Treasury Single Account (TSA), the largest of this kind of solution in Africa. It has grown to become one of the most preferred payment platform in the country chosen by a good number of people and organizations.

Remita Payroll has the ability to completely eliminate the need for organizations to process payroll on one system and then take the processed data to another platform to transfer salaries, or send salary schedules to various banks or statutory agencies. It also help organisations to significantly improve operational efficiency and effectiveness in employee management.

The partnership with Access Bank Ghana looks like one of the many that aims to help Remita achieve its strategic objective of becoming Africa’s gateway to the world. At the product unveil held recently at the Bank’s Accra head office, Mr. Kris Ifeanyi Njoku, Managing Director, Access Bank Ghana, said the introduction of Remita Payroll is part of the Bank’s long term objective of continuous innovation to meet the diverse needs of the business community.

The e-payment platform is also used by all 22 commercial banks and over 400 micro-finance banks in Nigeria.


Deborah Soyombo

An addict problem solver and an avid writer of unique African startup stories.