SeedDev Hosts Web Clinic Bootcamp for Teenagers in Akure

As part of efforts to help young Africans effectively develop and learn to use technological skills, SeedDev is organising its first ever “Web Clinic” Boot Camp for young people between the age of 13-20 to learn web development.

 With a curriculum designed to help participants learn to design websites using HTML and CSS as well as how to host websites and well-trained curators/tutors, the boot camp promises to be an amazing time of learning. It will run from the 17th to 22nd of December in a class of just 25 people. SeedDev will also provide a lifelong mentorship for the student as they develop their skills.


As technology continues to play vital roles in the daily operations, activities, service delivery, payment receiving processes etc. of global industries and other business sectors; it is becoming important to have more skilled participants in the digital revolution. Uber and Taxify in transportation, Telemedicine, Farmcrowdy in Agriculture and the way social media Ads have transformed marketing reveal the depth of endless opportunities by technology, hence, the earlier we get our young kids involved in the process the better the can master how to explore the various offerings in the sector.

This revolution is projected to continue as statistics has it that 90% of future job roles are not yet created and these job roles will be tech-driven. Hence there is a need to begin to prepare the mindset and skill set of young people to fit into these job roles and industries with the right skill set.

Having trained over 7000 underserved African young kids in the last 3 years, we have evolved over time from sensitization outreaches in schools to partnering with government agencies and other organization to execute digital literacy projects (Example BEMORE BOOT CAMP) and now they are set to begin to host their own boot camp projects.

The training fee is NGN20,000 and interested participants can register here.



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