Activities lit up EmergeOndo Policy and Solutions Hackathon

2018 has been a year of many activities for the Akure tech ecosystem; and with the year coming to an end,  the Ondo State Government in partnership with Emerging Communities Africa and sponsored by GIZ is organizing an innovation in Governance Hackathon on several important areas in the State.

The Hackathon which would reward innovative ideas by participating teams will also serve as policy templates that the government can adopt and opportunities to increase employment rate in the state.

The weekend long event is in its Day 2 and the teams are focusing on four thematic areas: Agricultural accessibility, Business Linkage, Renewable and Clean Energy and Education.

With twenty six innovative teams trying to come up with the winning idea that would receive support from the government and cash prizes to help them scale. Here are the teams and their solutions;

Team Farmers Hub

Dunalinks: this team is trying to link small technical firms with large engineering companies through their interactive and educative platform.

GSI: Team GSI(Grassroot Social Impact) wants to break the access barriers by delivering solutions to grow and scale small business and creating the next generation of entrepreneurs  with the aid of technology.

Podra: This team seeks to connect small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with large cooperation’s by gathering their data using USSD code.

Koloway: This team seeks to serve as a guarantor for users by providing a platform users can pay for different goods and services in installment.

AgroHelp: this team is trying to proffer a solution by connecting farmers to different agroallied service providers that provides quick interventions on their farms by dialing a unique USSD code on their phones.

Team deliberation

DIFTIL: seeks to improve locally produced maize to suit industrial purposes, hence reducing importation of maize and helping local farmers scale.

CamelCrown: seeks to create a platform that connect farmers with buyers,  with the eventual goal to reduce agricultural wastes on farm.

FarmSense: is working to create a solution that “woos” youths to be involved in Agriculture.

Farmers Hub: is trying to serve as a data bank for farmers where government can get easy access to farmers’ information which can be used for taxation.

Spacebar: is trying to gather individual data of farmers that would help guide government to provide help for them.

Uncle Wumi: is a fintech solution that is working to provide financial assistance to local communities. Some of the intend services include: loans, savings, financial advice etc.

FarmCred: is creating a platform that generates and ascertains farmers credit worthiness.


Dauntless Innovators: this team seeks to produce vegetables all year round using the green house technology.

Zerowaste: is working on recycling waste on the farm by serving as a middleman that collects agricultural wastes which is then decomposed to form organic manure. Farmers can call on them to apply this manure on their farms with the help of their drones.

Gadease: is trying to provide a solar powered batteries that helps to power gadgets in a home.

Skidemy: a platform that seeks to equip graduates with the right skills to improve their employability rate.

Footlight: is a solution that is trying to provide a clean and renewable energy by generating energy from the footsteps made by humans to power streetlights.

CLEP: is trying to maximise market waste by converting the wastes to renewable energy that can power the whole market in return.

StemTutors: is a platform that seeks to connect graduates with STEM based services to potential clients and also help in equipping children with the ability to code.

Edupsych: is a platform that allows government to monitor the mental state of public school students.

Edupreneur: is a solution that allow students in primary and secondary schools to have hands-on training in different skills. Thereby, reducing the rate of unemployment in future.

PowerUp: is trying to provide a solution that helps power consumer to manage and choose the type of power that should be supply to their homes through the help of a smart metric card.

Take Opt: is trying to provide a device called TakeOpt dev that would be connected to all appliances in the home. This device controls when each gadgets should be turn on or off.

Think and Act: is an e-library solution that seeks to provide updated information for students.

Whirlpool: is trying to generate electricity using small rivers in the state without tampering with the ecosystem of the river.

Connect: this is an online directory that aims to connect service providers with clients.

In all, most of the participants revealed to us that the hackathon has been challenging and intense.

In the sense that it has helped them to think wide, accept other people’s differences and work as a team. For some, the hackathon has helped them to network and meet like minds. While for others, it has helped them come up with a business plan for their personal businesses.

Project Manager EmergeOndo, Ade Olowojoba speaking to the participants
Project Manager EmergeOndo, Ade Olowojoba speaking to the participants

It is worthy of note that all participants are highly expectant and looking forward to what tomorrow would be like and they’re all very positive to winning the hackathon. We wish all team all the best in the hackathon.


Prof. Ayo Ajayi of the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CENT), FUTA speaking to the teams.
The Children were not left out (Owo Digital Academy)
The Children were not left out too (Owo Digital Academy)

Which of the teams do you think will go home with the prize or you’re willing to invest in and why? Drop your comments and let’s engage.


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