Developers Holy Grail- Solving Problems


Ever wondered how just tapping on that ‘F’ icon on the mobile phone takes you straight to your Facebook timeline? Or how possible is it that a click of a button gets your phone alive? Or how that game on your mobile that you love so much came about? One word, Developers.

Well, that is the work of Software Developers, they are responsible for creating those applications and games, and how they appear and work on devices.

Developers create applications through a systematic approach, that enable us to perform certain specific tasks on the computer or other devices.  Some of them also develop systems that run a device or control a network. Simply put, they are the brain behind computer programs- the men behind the mask.

The feel of bringing to reality an assemblage of my thoughts and how helpful they are, is really refreshing. Makes me feel like a god” -Tomiiide Oladipo.

They bring to life amazing abstract ideas via bits of codes to solve certain world problems. The developers also write code to develop applications and games for devices, implement software projects, test and maintain the software, etc Some of the categories in the niche include; Game developers, Web developers, Application developers, Hardware developers (Robotics) etc.

As a developer, your job is to solve problems and work on projects that make life easy for everyone. From what I have observed in my interaction with developers, they always feel great joy upon finishing a project especially when a client is satisfied and impressed.


“Developers have to be passionate about what they do because in programming, passion is the key” – (Banjo Mofesola Paul, co-founder &C.T.O PlanetNEST)


The tech industry is waxing stronger with more people constantly joining the ecosystem. With the high demand for software developers, sometimes we wonder the reason behind the motivation.

DEVELOPERS_Creating Solution driven codes

C.E.O of Planet NEST, Kitan David explained that aside from the monetary aspect of the profession, being able to solve problems is a motivation.

The world is fast evolving and technology is taking over every sphere of life and skills in software Development/Engineering places you at fore front, it’s not just about  the money ” Kitan David

Like every other profession, developers all have dreams they pursue but as humans, it seems limited because each day comes with its problem. As the sociologist will say, “the end of one social problem, gives rise to another social problem”. For Tomiiide, the dream is to empower people, make tools for easy livelihood thereby changing the world.

“…the technology industry, software development in particular is fast-paced and is constantly changing, so is with the dreams too. I once had this great dream of packaging and deploying software successfully, which I have done severally, now I have other dreams. So the dreams keep changing as far as problem solving is concerned.” Nelson.


Developers are always engaged in finding solutions to different human problems, trying to make life easier, helping to save time and energy, improving the ease of communication etc. Hence, emphasizing its benefits to all and sundry.

Does this mean that all software developers aim at solving problems that will change the world? Is Problem-solving the “Developers’ Holy Grail”?