liensy: A story of an emerging Research and Development Company


When you hear this name what comes to your mind?
Does it in anyway look like a research and development company in the heart of the emerging tech ecosystem of Akure, that specialises in the manufacturing of innovative and commercially viable technology systems.

Liensy is formed from the combination of the first two letters of Linx ennovasion systems.
Bode Akimodu and Tolu Ogidan, Graduates of Applied physics from the Federal University of Technology, Akure are the brains behind this exciting tech brand. The journey started two years ago in a garage in lagos. Yes, that kind of Silicon Valley experience.

So I had an opportunity to visit the hallowed lab, sitting on the other side was Bode, in between us was a table that was filled with different kinds of equipment. However, one caught my attention, the Autonomous Ground Vehicle- an obstacle avoidance project; it makes decisions based on a programmed set of rules, with an ability to learn and make intuitive decisions. It is basically an Artificial Intelligence project that aims to revolutionise indigenous application based robotics experience in the country.

Bode goes on to explain that, Liensy is focused on transforming the manufacturing industry in the country, the aim is to produce hardware components that can compete with anything that is produced anywhere in the world.

“We have been bootstrapping …we focused a lot of our resources on Research and development, so we have been majorly funded by selling of our various tool kits and providing complementary support systems to our clients”, that was the response he gave me when I asked him how Liensy has been funded.

Liensy aims to pioneer new tech frontiers in the African tech ecosystem starting from Nigeria. A major way the team has employed in achieving this is providing aid for aspiring embedded developers and engineering enthusiasts in the field of embedded systems design, prototyping and development. This has challenged the team to put together world class software and hardware tools for rapid learning in the field of Micro controllers, Internet of things, Robotics, Solar energy and a whole lot of other projects.

Based on the quality of materials, the level of innovation and skill I saw on ground, I asked him maybe he had gotten any training from outside Nigeria. You can’t just assume that the Nigerian tech ecosystem can give you all you want in terms of the niches the company had chosen to focus on, but his response will surprise you. “Ope I wish I can tell you, I have been to Benin”, he said. I was shocked. Oh! He means the Benin that has a republic at the end and speaks French.
Can you imagine automated waste disposal robot, working and moving around the streets of Akure controlled by GPS? That’s one of the innovations Liensy is working to achieve soonest.

So when next you want to think Automation, when next you want to think of a brand working on Artificial intelligence and Internet of things in this part of the world or you even want to learn (One of the major part that liensyl is concerned with is teaching and equipping indigenous engineers to function in world class standard)….Think Liensy – An innovative company in the heart of an emerging sub- Saharan tech hub- Akure.

I saved the best for the last. Liensy is planning on building an affordable 3D printer? He said something that will cost around 50k! Naira

Do you doubt that or you are enthusiastic about the possibility?

For me, with the passion, I saw on his face when he spoke with me… I am getting my cash ready.

Opeyemi Olugbemiro

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