Mobile Applications: What’s next?



Can you remember the little game called Snake?

You played it right?

Yes, that is one of the very first mobile applications developed.
However, the use of applications have evolved.

These days all you need to do is think of a problem and you can be rest assured you will find an App that provides the solution or something close to it.


Mobile or desktop applications have changed the way we do things. It has affected our culture, conversation, attitudes, lifestyle and almost every other aspect of human life.

You can get information about products and services from the comfort of your bed, book flights and other forms of travel as easy as clicks away etc . Life is easy we can say, even if we ask Mr. Eazi, he will say the same thing.





A mobile application is a software designed to run on a wide range of mobile devices that is, smart phones and tablet computers. Usually, these applications are preinstalled on the smart phones on purchase. There is also a buffet of apps available online for download.


Mobile applications range from browsers, organizers, games and many other software. At the inception, programmers designed apps to retrieve information and increase productivity but with time and endless thirst for improvement in smartphone features, there is an ever increasing unending demand for improved features and functions.

This has led to the development of newer and improved apps, which can carry out an avalanche of functions.

The advent of these applications has brought convenience and increased the ease of doing businesses for entrepreneurs and business owners alike to conduct their operations seamlessly.

The benefits that this innovation has brought to our world are unimaginable. Activities like organising meetings, browsing the internet, shopping, banking, and many more has resulted in mobile apps gaining a lot of attention globally.

It has been observed that one of the best ways to increase the revenue of a business is by the use of apps.
Another interesting part of the mix is improved sharing of files over wireless transfer mediums.



Then the juggernaut- Social media.
This perhaps has had the biggest impact in the history of mobile app development. It has provided a faster way for people to connect, share information, do business etc. with words, pictures, videos.
Life is definitely worthwhile with technology in extension, app development.

All we need do is sit on the edge as we await the next level in app development.

(N.B : App developers are not allowed on this seat.)

What is your best mobile or desktop application?

If you were to think of something you want developers to delve into next, what would it be? Let’s light our imaginations with the possibilities of the next phase.

What is next?


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