Why You Must Be Tech Savvy

Growing up as a teenager, I did not know a lot about technology, things did not change much until I got admission to the Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori, now known as Kenule Saro Wiwa polytechnic.

I was completely unsophisticated, it took me a lot of courage to even put on a computer on my own. At that time, maybe I would call it a blessing in disguise as it helped me avoid distractions caused by the internet and allowed me more time to read my books (lol), it also kept me away from the mystique, excitement and possibilities of the world outside Port-Harcourt, Nigeria where I was raised.

It took me a couple of months to realize the power of technology and its role in improving the lives of people around the world. From my experience, a common fallacy is that technology is just for the nerds. However, the evolution of accessible technology and the way it has blended into our everyday lives mean that it is not something we can ignore again. From the internet, social media, mobile devices, smart vehicles and smart houses etc, it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to enjoy the ease of your activities without technology.

So, becoming tech-savvy is not about knowing everything about technology, it goes beyond having sophisticated skills like programming an android application or knowing how to set up a server machine; without prejudice to the need for complex skills, tech-savviness can simply be more about being confident about the basic technology we use in our daily life. It is being proficient in using technology to meet your own set objectives in different areas of your life.

First things first, the most important part in becoming tech savvy is to focus on your own goals and progress because you cannot learn it all at once. It is also important that you do not get distracted or frustrated by the abilities of other people around you as the comparison can often be a thief of joy.

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Every day our lives are more intertwined with technology. From ordering food to staying in touch with family (communication) to running a business or being an educator, technology has become integrated with everything. Hence, becoming efficient and skilled with tech can save yourself lots of time, which allows you to focus more energy on your priorities and enjoy life more. Most communications rely on tech, and currently, the world is influenced by technology because technology makes work easier and faster in different aspects.

Competence with technology helps you better understand the information network governing our daily lives and help you explore  learning possibilities beyond the classes. It has so pervaded the society that even a lot of the non-tech companies use technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics to serve their customers better.

It is my view that solution driven tech enthusiasts can innovate together to make the world a better place, don’t you think so?