SeedDev- Sparking Tech Curiosity in Young kids

SeedDev aims to reach out to young African Kids with an intensive introduction to technology. The goal is to spark up interest in careers in the field of science and technology, by giving them the opportunity to have an experience of basic knowledge.

After training over 3000 rural kids across the South-Western Nigeria, SeedDev (A not for profit Arm of NEST) is taking the message to schools. The team hopes to spark interest and curiosity in these kids from a tender age and also be a part of their skill development journey.

In recent times, the team led by programme Manager (The Middle East & Africa), Juwon watti has trained students from Cedar Hills, Ile-ife; KingsWill College, Osun State and Olufunmilayo Nursey/Primary School, Akure, Ondo State etc.

Today, the train visited Kinder Nursery/Primary School, Akure.

Pupils from primary 1-5 were exposed to the basics of typing and computer programming with Scratch. The kids were visibly excited as the curators expertly took them through the basics of professional typing and showed them, the simplest details of how codes work.

One of the kids, in the midst of the excitement, shouted “I will collect this game and download it on my mother’s PC so that I can continue to practice.  Before now, the only thing I do with the system is play games and watch films”. The fact that the training was practical, they could see and touch their creations, gave them an awesome feel.


“Oh! Can I make the car move? This lady is wearing red but can she dance?”, a primary 4 girl asked, Uncle Victor- a Curator- as he showed them the way around using Scratch.

The visible interest to learn more, echoed in their voices – “Uncle when are you coming back”, drowned momentarily as they dabbed in the pictures with Victor. Unarguably, if the team decided to stay for longer hours, the pupils were ready participants in the training exercise.


In a chat with the Head Mistress, Moji Akintoye, she was expressed joy on the huge opportunities that the training will prepare the kids for. Most importantly, she was wowed by the fact that the training was coming at no cost to the children, even the school.

“We need more of things like this to recalibrate the minds of our children to see technology as a tool for development” – Moji Akintoye (Head Mistresss, Kinder, Akure)

SeedDevCurators and Head Mistress,Kinder Nursery/Primary School, Mrs.Moji Akintoye
SeedDev Curators and Head Mistress,Kinder Nursery/Primary School, Mrs.Moji Akintoye

Mrs Akintoye added that the practical nature of the training, which allowed the kids to practice and apply what they were learning, made it more insightful. “It is something every child should be exposed to, the knowledge- literacy & Numeracy- they gathered can even be applied to other subjects”, she added.


Programmes Manager, Juwon Watti says the team is ready for as many schools who are interested in giving their students/exposure to 21st-century digital skills.


The SeedDev Ship is on course, which school does it berth next?



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